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Superheroes  /sOOpUHR-hIROH/   plural noun: superheroes

  1. A morally righteous hero in a fictional work who possesses extraordinary abilities or supernatural powers and uses them to fight evil, as in comic books and movies

  2. You!!

Perfect for your next superhero-themed party or event.

Let mom and dad take cool pix to show at work the next day.

The Avengers Cutouts

Nick Fury, Black Widow, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Ultron and Vision

* Rent one or the entire set of eight (8)

* Daily rental: $25/each $150/set of 8


BayMax from Big Hero 6 Cutout

The lovable character Baymax from the Disney movie, Big Hero 6. Baymax is an inflatable robot, designed to be a healthcare providing robot.

Great for back-to-school Health Care Week

* Daily rental: $25


Super Hero Standees

Provide superhero photo-ops fun at any party or gathering.  Simply put your face in the provided hole and become a superhero.

* Daily rental: $25/each


Super Hero Background

This 8'(h) x 10'(w) vinyl background transform any space to a perfect city waiting for a superhero to show up and save the day. 

* Daily rental: $75 (without background stand)

Background stand - additional $25

*NOTE:  Local delivery only; no mailing

Super female stand in.jpg
Superman stand in.jpg
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